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Luxury villa forsale in Alanya at Tepe

Alanya, Alanya Centre
  • €690,000
  • Rooms: 5
  • Baths: 4
  • ID: 32841
  • Villa
1 year ago

Sea view Cleopatra Beach apartment for sale Alanya

Alanya, Alanya Centre, Cleopatra Beach
  • €199,000
  • Rooms: 4
  • Baths: 3
  • 150
  • ID: 38273
  • Apartment, Duplexes
1 year ago

Apartment 2 + 1 fully furnished for sale in Oba

Alanya, Oba
  • €110,000
  • Room: 0
  • Bath: 0
  • ID: 38761
  • Apartment
1 year ago

Nehirsu III Villa for sale in Kargicak Alanya

Alanya, Kargicak
  • €395,000
  • Room: 0
  • Baths: 4
  • ID: 40036
  • Citizenship, Duplexes, Villa
1 year ago

Cleopatra Beach Litore Residence for sale

Alanya, Alanya Centre, Cleopatra Beach
  • €83,000
  • Rooms: 3
  • Baths: 2
  • 52
  • ID: 41496
  • Apartment, Duplexes
1 year ago

Luxury sea view villa for sale in Alanya Nest 44

Alanya, Alanya Centre
  • €1,250,000
  • Rooms: 5
  • Baths: 5
  • 737
  • ID: 41552
  • Villa
1 year ago

Sea view Sunset Beach VIP II apartment for sale in Konakli

Alanya, Antalya, Konakli
  • from €139,000
  • Rooms: 3
  • Baths: 2
  • 125
  • ID: 41801
  • Apartment, Duplexes
1 year ago

Property for Sale in Turkey Alanya by Ideal Alanya Real Estates in Alanya ®

Our Local Properties in Alanya are presented in an International Market by

WELCOME! Hello and thank you for visiting our webpage! We would like to welcome you to our website where you can search for houses for sale in Alanya.

You can also request email alerts in order to get notified when a house of your criteria is listed on the real estate market. Popular Alanya areas are listed in our website. If you are interested in an area and do not see it listed, please feel free to set up your own search. You can also call or email us and we will be happy to assist you with your search.

The Leading Real Estate Agency in Alanya, Turkey, as a leading property seller in ALANYA, offers real estate for sale in several locations of Alanya which is located on the South Coastline of Turkey. The realtor team has top calibre individuals who are educated and experienced property portfolio managersWhen it comes to selecting and selling the best properties in Alanya, tr has the experience required to provide you with the exact service you are looking for.  The team pride themselves on being honest and completely trustworthy because we want our customers to feel comfortable and confident in our working relationship.

Ideal Alanya Real Estates and Real Estate is part of the Kaya Family Companies since 2004. Local KAYA Companies was founded in 1972 in Avsallar, Alanya. KAYA group contains transportation, construction and construction (wood) materials, gold, diamond and watches.

Our offices are located in center of Alanya and Avsallar. We put in lot of time and effort into each research to pick the perfect property for you.  We want our customers experience with us to be pleasant and hassle free.  That is the pride of Ideal Alanya Estates;  because we know that purchasing property abroad can be daunting.  We have long established links with developers, other real estates and home owners because we know that it is important to work with the right people when dealing with a foreign country.  Whether you are buying, selling or renting a property, please feel free to get in touch with us or visit us any time to get further information on real estate investment or, pop by and join us for a cup of Turkish Coffee or Turkish Tea.

Free of Charge Services from

You are free to use our local real estate experiences.

  • Conducting viewing of property for sale options in Alanya
  • Information about Real Estate Market in Alanya
  • Legal advices for buying and selling property in Alanya
  • Assistance and guidance for your property taxes, real estate sales income taxes
  • Realtor advices for buying and selling real estate in Alanya
  • Valuation of apartments, villas, commercial properties and land


Before You Buy a Property in Alanya Turkey

Before you decide to buy your dream house in Alanya, our website is designed to support you to find your best property to buy as an overseas summer home or residential.   Our professional customer orientated team will also take great pleasure in being able to assit you with fulfilling your dreams; they will listen to all your needs and will strive to personally pick the property that best suits your needs.

Why you should prefer to buy a House in Alanya, Turkey

Alanya is the most famous and advantageous city, not only in South Turkey, but also in the whole of the Mediterranean coastline and even in the world when it comes to to buying a summer home; a second living choice for everybody, from every nation.

For more than a thousand years, people have wanted to live in this part of the world with its beautiful, attractive towns along the coastline.  The Alanya coastline has one of the largest coastlines of worldwide tourist destinations.

Like many places in Anatolia, Antalya and Alanya is the part of the paradise from the ancient times of today. In the 2nd century BC, the King of Pergamon, Attalus II ordered his soldiers “Go and find me heaven on earth!” Antalya gulf in the Mediterranean Basin transformed into a legend, is appreciated for its unique nature, fertile lands and strategic location among kingdoms. The city, which means “Attalus Home”, has not only been The Pergamum heaven, but it is also still a paradise for all people.

The Great Seljuk Empire Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat had chosen Alanya as his summer capital city of Seljuk Emperor.

Modern Turkish Republic was founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. In the spring of 1930, when Atatürk saw Antalya for the first time, he said: “Antalya is undoubtedly the most beautiful place in the world.”  Anyone who has been to Antalya would probably agree with him: the city is backed by the majestic Taurus Mountains and hemmed in by the cerulean Mediterranean Sea.

After 2003 with new laws and regulation, we started to share this paradise with other country citizens and other nations, so that all visitors from all countries could buy, live and resell their properties legally in Turkey. Contact us for more information.  We are here to help and happy to do so.

Residential Real Estate for Sale in Alanya Turkey

Any property used for residential purposes. Examples include single-family houses, condos, cooperatives, duplexes, townhouses, and multifamily residences with fewer than five individual units.


Land for Sale in Alanya Turkey

Foreign natural persons may buy any real estate, in areas where private property to buy land and fields is allowed. As a well established company, we have a very strong network to search for and find various options for our investors.

You may prefer to buy land and build your dream Villa, or to construct your investment portfolio.  The options are limitless, and we are here with our expertise to provide you with the guidance needed to make sure you get what is best suited to your needs.

Commercial for Sale in Alanya Turkey

Any property used exclusively for business purposes, such as apartment complexes, gas stations, grocery stores, hotels, offices, restaurants, shopping centers and stores. We are very experienced as Real Estate consultancy to guide you to make the right decision.

Why You Should Prefer

As Ideal Alanya Real Estates in Alanya, we are focused on customer satisfaction throughout the property selling and post-selling process. We have a keen eye for quality and are customer orientated which is why most of our international clients are aware of’s behavior and why they are confidenting in choosing us.  

We care for 4P’s of Marketing as of Real Estate Marketing for your benefits;

As an ideal real estate agency; we are very selective to promote properties for sale in Alanya Turkey. We help to meet the national and international buyers to the right real estates. That’s why we are very delicate to use international Marketing principles for our most distinguished properties.

The 4P’s of Marketing are: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. alanyarealestates is carefully integrating all of these Marketing Strategies into a Marketing mix that can ensure they have a visible, in-demand product or service that is competitively priced and promoted to our clients.

Product/Services: Product refers to the goods or services your business provides to your target market. The product a company provides can vary significantly depending on the type of company and what they do.

In our terms; ‘product’ means apartments, duplexes, penthouses, villas, semi-detached villas, private villas, stone houses, lands, plots and many other properties in Alanya. As services; before and after buying processes are both very important stages to decide with which company to work.  

We follow all these questions to provide answers to our unique clients. What do you need to know about Real Estate, Real Property and/or Land for sale?

  • What does the buyer want from the property/service? What needs does it satisfy?
  • What features does it have to meet these needs?
  • Are there any features you’ve missed out?
  • Are you including costly features that the buyer will not actually use?
  • How and where will the buyer use it?
  • What does it look like? How will the buyer experience it?

Place: Refers to where and how people find our property in Alanya to buy. Some examples of 4P’s places are; Online via a web browser; through a smartphone app; retail locations; trade shows or events; marketplace channels or through a sales professional.

Where and How we can reach you to find your dream real estate in Alanya?

  • Which location are you using to search for our products/services? Our product means Apartment, Penthouse, Villa, Townhouse, Homes, Land, Commercial etc.
  • How can we access the right distribution channels to present our properties?
  • Do we need to use a sales force? Or do we need to attend trade fairs? Or do we need to make online submissions? Or do we need to send samples of catalog?
  • What do our competitors do? How and What can we learn from them to offer you a differentiated and a better service?

Price: Refers to how much our product or service costs. How you price your product depends on your competitors, demand, cost of production and what consumers are willing to pay. How much is the real estates and properties in Alanya worth. Sales prices for property in Alanya are determined by location of property, quality of real estate, type of estate, size of realty. 

When can you find cheap property, appropriate real estate, good price land for sale?

  • What is the value of the product or service according to the buyer such as apartments, villas, penthouses, houses, duplexes etc.
  • Are there established price points for property or services in this area?
  • Is the buyer price sensitive? Will a small decrease in price gain us extra market share? Or will a small increase be indiscernible, and so make you gain extra profit margin?
  • What discounts should be offered to trade buyers, or to other specific segments of our market?
  • How will our prices be compared to our competitors?

Promotions: Refers to specific and thoughtful advertising that reaches our target market. It includes promotional activities that increases the awareness of the product thus allows it to gain a place in the market. Promotion consists of applications such as sales organizations, public relations, advertising, sales promotions.

What is the best way to promote, sell and buy Property in Alanya?

  • Where and when can we get our Marketing messages across to the target market?
  • Will we reach our audience by advertising online, in the press, on TV, on radio, or on billboards? By using direct Marketing mailshots? Through PR? On the internet?
  • When is the best time to promote? Is there seasonality in the market? Are there any wider environmental issues that suggest or dictate the timing of your market launch or subsequent promotions?
  • How do our competitors do their promotions? And how does that influence our choice of promotional activity?

Please do not hesitate to contact us to get additional free guidance from your realtor. One click will change all your life.

For further information you may choose your preferred and most suitable language option to contact your assigned licensed consultant alanyarealestates team, send an e-mail to them or call them by WhatsApp. Our licensed Real Estate Consultants will return to you within 24 hours at the latest. You can reach us via WhatsApp +90 532 487 02 57, from anywhere in the world.

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