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Buying a holiday home or investing in real estate business

Buying a holiday home or investing in real estate businesses are easier, safer and more comfortable in Turkey than what you would expect.  We recommend you carry out your own initial research following the rules of the law.  We also recommend that, should you wish to consult with a realtor, you choose a reputable, trustworthy and experience real estate company.

Other countries citizens have been purchasing real estate for many years in Turkey.  After the Turkish laws and regulations procedures for foreign people to buy and to sell real estate in Turkey changed in 2003, a number of foreign buyers from all over the world increased dramatically.   There has been a high demand on properties from investors from Europe and Russian speaking countries.

We summarized our Buyers Guide to present an easy to understand fact sheet so that you have at a glance everything you need to know about owning a home in Turkey. Before deciding to purchase your dream real estate or investment in Turkey, you should be aware of the necessary and crucial information.

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