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Property Management Service

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy."
Michael LeBœuf

Property Management combines a number of areas of expertise.  It demans knowledge of the property market and of the needs and requirements of clients, tenants and visitors as well expertise of the building’s technology and structure.  As an absentee landlord, offers you the stress relief from setting and collecting rent, property maintenance, conducting routine inspections, paying your bills and help you earn the best return on your real estate.

Property management is also a matter of trust. We take care of you and your property in Alanya. Your investment is safe with us.

We will treat your property as if it were our own. If you are considering to buy a property in Turkey or if you already have one, you may have some questions about the protection of your property while you are away and you may focus on the services you might need. Is my home safe? Have the bills been paid? Should I or my guests clean up when we arrive? We offer you the following services so that you can relax in your home knowing that your property is fully looked after…

  • We focus on preserving value for our customers and delivering the Optimal return on property.
  • We have a team dedicated to managing the property to increase value.
  • In order to maintain efficiency, we ensure that all these aspects are under control and that no area is overlooked.

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