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Properties for sale in ALANYA

Overview of Alanya

Welcome to the world’s finest City; Alanya. Turkey becomes more popular day after day among overseas visitors to buy a property. You should buy a real estate, have a resting property and get the taste of your life in this fine corner of the world.

There is a common idea which everyone thinks about over and over again. So why not think of purchasing a real estate here?

This is what we are doing as IDEAL Real Estate since 2004. Hundreds of happy customers bought their houses in Alanya and also sold their properties by IDEAL Real Estate. Since 2003 more than 45K overseas visitors have bought their properties in Alanya from 76 different countries. What is the attraction in Alanya and the reason for this warm embrance to cultures from all around the world?

Could these be the reasons?

  • More economic life condition than any EU countries
  • Delicious Turksih food
  • Friendly and hospitable Turkish people
  • Fast and high quality of healthcare services
  • Exotic fruits
  • Easy transportation to Alanya Gazipaşa Airport
  • Low crime rate and secure life conditions in Alanya
  • Blue sea water and blue flags (blue flags represents trustable and clean beaches)
  • The life style in both winter and summer times
  • Shopping facilities
  • Rich historical places
  • Nature; forests, mountains, caves and rivers
  • 14Km long beach
  • Perfect gastronomy

You can add plenty more reasons eventhough there are specific reasons to buy a house in Alanya. Some say the weather is really good for the skin and bones which means a healthy life…

Where is Alanya in Turkey?

Alanya is a town which is located on the south coast of Turkey and within the borders of the city of Antalya. Alanya is approximately 125km away from the Antalya’s city center. Approximately 312.000 local inhabitants live in Alanya and the town is bigger than 22 cities in Turkey.

Alanya is the capital city of many events in Turkey. You may count sport, gastronomy, art, festivals etc as part of these occuring events. There are more than 80 activities and 16 of them are international.

Alanya is the final destination in the tourism business in Turkey. It is the motto of tourism in Alanya. During 2019; 5 Million 250K tourists visited Alanya.

Recently Alanya had a fantastic economic growth that Alanya got better performance than other 65 cities in Turkey in between 81 Cities. Tourism, agriculture and construction business are the locomotive sectors in Alanya.

Alanya is only a town. It is a town which belongs to Antalya Greater City. On the other hand, Alanya is the only town in Turkey to have two universities which are private Alanya HEP University and Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat State University. Besides Alanya is the only town in Turkey which has a football club (Alanyaspor FC) at Turkish Super League.

Ways to travel to Alanya?

Travelling by road with beautiful scenic views: There is no train connection yet. Please drive carefully and obey the traffic rules as there are many radar checks in between Alanya–Antalya and Alanya–Gazipaşa.

Via flight to either Antalya Airport (AYT) which is the bigger and main airport for travel to Antlaya. It is approximately 115 Km to Alanya city center or Alanya -Gaziapaşa Airport (GZP) with an approximate 40 Km distance to Alanya city center. Turkish Airlines (THY) and Pegasus Airlines have daily flights to Alanya. There are also other international airlines with direct flights.

As an overseas visitor, what can you purchase in Alanya?

If you are planning to buy a property in Alanya, we definitely recommend you to check with IDEAL Real Estate and see what we have to offer to you.

What kind of properties in Alanya you can buy?

  • You can buy a sea view apartment in Alanya
  • You can buy a sea view villa in Alanya
  • You can buy a plot in Alanya and build your own dream house in Alanya
  • You can buy a duplex penthouse apartment on the site complex in Alanya
  • You can buy a garden duplex apartment on the site complex.
  • You can buy a garden in Alanya and grow any fruit, vegetables you want.
  • You can buy a cheap apartment in Alanya and live a more economical life.
  • You can buy a banana greenhouse in Alanya and occupy with agriculture.
  • You can buy a shop and rent it out.
  • You can buy several apartments and have a rental income in Alanya.

For further information regarding the properties for sale in Alanya, Contact to +90 532 487 02 57 or any of our Real Estate Agents listed on our Website. We will contact you within 24 hours with your preferred or native language.

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