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Property Purchase Expenses


Title deed fees calculated in Turkey does not constitute any differences between Turkish or Overseas citizens.

Expenses of Power of Attorney Issuing:

Issuing a Power of Attorney means to issue an authority of representation.

Upon your request, the Notary can issue different type of authorization by Power of Attorney.

Power of Attorney costs are depdendent on the type of Power of Attorney and the broad or limited legal authority to make decisions about the property/finances etc.

Below is an approximate guidance on the main Property Market Expenses:

To buy property under a Power of Attorney                                        : From 750 TL

To register subscribtions under a Power of Attorney                           : From 650 TL

To sell property under a Power of Attorney                                        : From 1.000 TL

To find sworn interpreter if any party does not speak Turkish             : From 500 T            

Expenses of Title Deed Transactions

In Turkey, the value of title deed fees are defined by the sold property price.

From buyer 20 per thousand (%0,2)

From Seller 20 per thousand (%0,2)


Tip: Title deed registration fees paid by the buyer in Turkey is decided mostly during the traditional bargain.

In addition, seller and buyer must pay circulating capital to Land Registry Office for each sale.

Amount of circulating capital is determined by laws and regulations at the beginning of each year.

Real Estate Valuation Expenses               

  • Expenses depends on the valuation of expert firm and city app.  (From 1.500)

Earthquake Insurance (DASK) Expenses

  • Expenses depends on size (sqm)and type of the properties app. (From 50 TL)

Sworn Interpreter Expenses                     

  • Expenses depends on the language and city, contents app. (From 500 TL)

Real Estate Value Expenses by Municipality

  • Expenses depends on municipalities app. (From 50 TL)

Water Subscriptions Expenses          

  • New subscribtions application with deposit  (From 850 TL)
  • Existing subscribtion transfer (From 100 TL)

Electricity Subscription Expenses     

  • New subscribtions application with deposit (From 1.000 TL)
  • Existing Subscribtion transfer (From 250 TL)

Municipal Property Tax Expenses

  • Depends on the size (sqm), type, location of the property (From 500 TL)

Property Insurance Expenses

  • Depends on the size, type and value of the property (From 400 TL)

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